Emergency situations can disrupt, cause confusion and result in injury or death. In these situations, proper procedures are often forgotten. Such emergencies may consist of violence, accidents, health issues, severe weather, earthquakes, or an intruder on site. 
  1. Pro Sound

    Large Venues and Concert Halls

    We specialize in providing pro sound solutions for large venues such as churches, concert halls, and arenas. 
    ​​We partner with industry leaders in this market to deliver a high quality solution for your pro sound needs.

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  2. Audio Video

    Integrated Solutions For Venues of all Sizes

    Gallaher provides the best in audio and video solutions for businesses and entertainment venues.  Whether the goal is a functional budget-minded system or a design that will satisfy the most discerning video and audiophile. 

    Gallaher has relationships and experience with dozens of the world’s most recognizable names in the audio and video industry, and can design any size system to meet the needs of businesses and organizations large and small.

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  3. Structured Cabling

    Copper, Fiber, and Related Cabling Solutions

    When it comes to top quality structured cabling design, products, and services, no one delivers a better solution than Gallaher.

    We partner with Hubbell Incorporated as our primary premise wiring supplier. Hubbell has a rich history of manufacturing quality products that are durable and reliable.

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  4. Intercom

    Life Safety Communications

    CareHawk’s systems allow for automated local security alerts, district wide alerts, security detection, video and audio surveillance, and integration with other low voltage systems such as fire, security, and access control. 
    For smaller applications, Aiphone provides robust solutions that allow for two-way voice communication and color video prior to allowing access to a given area or space.

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  5. Wireless Mobility

    IP-DECT System

    Ideal for healthcare environments, this reliable wireless solution utilizes
    dedicated frequencies to deliver secure, interference-free mobile
    communication to increase staff efficiency and productivity.

    The Ascom IP-DECT mobility solution is the ideal combination of enterprise grade  voice over IP (VoIP) and Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephony (DECT) standards to provide a a truly scalable and fully integrated wireless communication platform.

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