Wireless Mobility

From intercom solutions for large buildings to audio-video and pro sound solutions for churches, arenas and concert halls, Gallaher can design and deliver an integrated solution for your communications needs.

IP-DECT System

Proven Quality and Reliable Mobile Communications on a Dedicated Network
Ideal for healthcare environments, this reliable wireless solution utilizes
dedicated frequencies to deliver secure, interference-free mobile
communication to increase staff efficiency and productivity.

The Ascom IP-DECT mobility solution is the ideal combination of enterprise grade  voice over IP (VoIP) and Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephony (DECT) standards to provide a truly scalable and fully integrated wireless communication platform.
Ascom IP-DECT access points provide an easy way to add mobile voice services onto an existing wired LAN with low maintenance, zero-touch RF design wireless infrastructure. IP-DECT access points  connect directly into any port on an existing wired LAN for transport back to the PBX switch
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Wireless Handsets
The Ascom IP-DECT system supports a highly versatile wireless handset portfolio which includes the d63, the d81 and the d81 EX. Both the d63 and
d81 offer a powerful mobile communication platform packed with feature-rich applications that improve efficiency in demanding environments. 

Other Features
  • Central Management
  • Enterprise Messenging
  • Zero-touch RF
  • Encryption
  • ​Scalability, Flexibility, Simplicity
Wideband Audio - The Ascom D43 Advantage
The Ascom d43 features ‘wideband audio’, extended bandwidth of 50Hz – 7,000Hz that delivers exceptional sound quality that goes beyond traditional telephony. And it’s backward compatible, achieving outstanding sound quality even when communicating with conventional devices. The Ascom d43 — voice quality you’re sure to hear about.
RCare Mobile utilizes smartphone-like handsets through which caregivers receive alerts as well as detailed resident information and location. They allow voice and text communications with other staff including the I Got It button, letting other staff know who is responding to the call.
Point of Care
RCare Mobile handsets are equipped with NFC chips allowing responders to check in and out of the point of care, effectively logging the time spent providing care. They can also document what services they performed and any additional caregiving notes regarding a visit.

Information Collected
  • Which caregiver(s) were notified of the incident
  • Which caregiver(s) acknowledged receipt of the message
  • Which caregiver entered the resident room
  • How long the caregiver was in the residents room
  • The activities that the caregiver performed while in the residents room
  • Caregiver notes

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