Mass Notification

Ensuring the right people get the right message is critical during an emergency. We design mass and emergency notification solutions with an integrated approach so that existing access control, surveillance, and other systems can all work together seamlessly to protect and alert emergency personnel and anyone in the facility that could be in harm's way.

Life Safety Communications

The Alertus Mass Notification System (Alertus System) is built on the power of the Alertus Server, and is managed through an intuitive user interface. It is designed from the ground up to be fully flexible in its configuration of recipient groups, preset messages, user controls, restrictions, and many other points of customization.
No matter the number of devices or systems in your notification portfolio, being able to instantly notify all, or select individuals is crucial to effective emergency notification. Alertus' one-touch activation provides just that.
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​Alert Beacons are designed to serve campuses, military bases, and other large facilities that presently lack an in-building emergency notification system and where retrofitting a conventional voice public address system is impractical and cost prohibitive. Alert Beacons are most effective when wall-mounted in prominent locations throughout the facility. In the event of an emergency, these devices flash and sound to capture the attention of building occupants at a distance and display a custom message about the nature of the emergency and how to respond.

Alertus Products

  • Alert Beacon
  • ​Alertus Desktop TM Notification
  • Mobile App Suite
  • Panic Buttons
  • Digital Signage/Cable TV Override
  • VoIP Phone Notification
  • Text-to-Speech
  • LED Marquee
  • Fire Alarm Interface
  • ​Outdoor Notification

The Alertus Fire Panel Interface is compatible with existing fire alarm panels and PA systems and requires little to no alternation to existing systems.

The Alertus Advantage

  • Experience:  Industry pioneer with more than 15 years of experience
  • Expertise: Ability to engineer hardware and software solutions that are interoperable with legacy systems and hundreds of third-party systems and services
  • Capability: Serves thousands of customers in the higher education, K-12, industrial, corporate, healthcare, government, and military sectors
  • Performance: Offers the fastest and most reliable notification activation in the industry
  • Trusted: Serving critical infrastructure across the U.S. including the U.S. Capitol, rail, ports, airports, power plants, military bases, and more
  • Affordable: Alertus leverages existing infrastructure to deliver a comprehensive solution at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems, because they believe reliable notification should be available to everyone

Alertus Technologies’ VoIP phone notification transforms office phones into a unified emergency communication system. This innovative technology allows you to simultaneously activate audible visual notifications on all or select VoIP phones and speakers.