Fire Alarm

Across the United States, a fire occurs every 90 seconds. It can take approximately 8 minutes for firefighters to arrive at the scene of a fire. Additionally, when Life Safety equipment is tampered with, a fire can become life threatening in just 2 minutes. At Gallaher, we take life safety seriously. Our installation team and project managers carefully design the right solutions for each and every client, and then provide maintenance and service over the life of the equipment to ensure our clients are protected.

Control Panels - Voice Communication Systems - Wireless Technology
Air Sampling Detection - Flame and Gas Detection - Fire Alarm Initiating Devices

Our partner is the world leader in fire alarm systems: Notifier from Honeywell.  We have designed, installed and supported thousands of Notifier fire alarm systems over the years, making us a safe and dependable choice for you and your business.  

Gallaher is a UL-Listed fire alarm contractor that employs more NICET certified technicians than anyone in the marketplace, boasting two  possessing the NICET Level IV top credentials and several with Level II & III certifications.
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Control Panels

Voice Communications

Fire Alarm Initiating Devices

Wireless Technology

Digital Voice Command (DVC)​

The heart of a full featured audio command center providing voice evacuation for Emergency Communications.

ONYX Series NFS-320

Engineered for small applications, establishing fire protection in seconds.

ONYX FirstVision

Revolutionary wayfinding navigational touchscreen tool for firefighters and emergency responders.